Group Tasks

Details of the two activities available in this section – ‘The Science of Cooking with Meat’ and ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ – are detailed below.

Task 1 - The Science of Cooking with Meat


Cooking with meat uses science too! Use this worksheet to learn about the Maillard Reaction which occurs when cooking meat. Work together as a group in performing a mini-experiment and answer the questions which follow.

NOTE: Involves high temperatures – will require supervision.

Maillard Reaction


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    Answer worksheet for Lesson Five - To Fork

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Task 2 - Lets Get Cooking

You’ve almost completed the Red Meat Food System journey, but you’ve still not cooked or tasted the product yet! Now is your chance.

Using the recipes found in the ‘Videos and links’ section of this lesson, choose your favourite and make sure you’ve got all the ingredients. Remember food hygiene rules, get your apron on, and get cooking!

And did you know Quality Meat Scotland can provide each Scottish secondary school with up to £180 of vouchers to be used to purchase red meat from their local butcher shop? For more information about the meat voucher scheme and for cookery demonstrations, visit the ‘Teacher’s Page’.

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