The Farming Cycle of Life

Explore the journey Scottish red meat makes from farm to fork and the role that red meat plays as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Videos and links

  • On Farm Video Series

    Glenkilrie Farm Episode 3 – Environmental Sustainability

  • On Farm Video Series

    Glenkilrie Farm Episode 4 – Soil Management

  • On Farm Video Series

    Golland Farm Episode 2 - Biodiversity

  • Sustainability Video

    Educational video highlighting the importance of sustainability in the red meat food system

  • Farming with Field Cred - Wallace

    Find out about Food Miles

  • Rothamsted Science & Tech in Livestock Farming

    The use of Science & Technology in monitoring and improving livestock emissions (Rothamsted Research & CIEL)

  • The practical applications of thermal imaging

    The practical application of thermal imaging (SRUC)

  • Rethinking Methane

    Rethinking Methane looks at Biogenic Methane in more detail (CLEAR Center at UC Davis)

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