Group tasks

There are two group activities to choose from in this section – either of which could also be carried out as an individual task or set as homework.

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Feeding a Growing Population Activity

Students will be asked to consider the challenges faced in feeding the growing global population in a sustainable way.

  • Worksheet

    Download worksheet for Lesson Two - To Field

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  • Worksheet answers

    Answers worksheet for Lesson Two - To Field

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Glorious Grass Activity

For many livestock farmers in Scotland, grass is their most important crop as it is the main feed for cattle and sheep. Many farmers spend a lot of time, money and effort to ensure that they get the most out of their grass crop. In this activity, students will discover the basic science of grass and why it is so important in Scotland. They will also learn how grass is measured and use their newly found knowledge to make farming decisions.

  • 2nd Level Presentation (Powerpoint)

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  • 2nd Level Presentation (PDF)

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  • 3-4th Level Presentation (Powerpoint)

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  • 3-4th Level Presentation (PDF)

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  • Glorious Grass Activity Worksheet

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