Lesson Two - To Field

Sustainability & The Environment

Climate change, sustainability and protecting the natural environment remain critically important issues to Scotland’s livestock farmers.

Red meat and its impact on the climate across the globe are regularly in the media spotlight and the increasing demand for cheaper food is adding pressure on our natural environment. 

Farmers are using science and technology to try to improve efficiency and reduce their farm’s carbon footprint. This lesson looks at the sustainability of the Scottish red meat industry and the work that farmers are doing to protect the natural environment.

  • Investigate

    Use the ‘From Farm’ PowerPoint presentation to develop understanding of the first stage of the ‘from farm to fork’ journey.

  • Research

    After the presentation, download or print the worksheet(s). By completing these, you will be able to ensure all content has been understood.

  • Consolidate

    Complete the interactive quiz – this can be done as a class, small groups or individually depending on device availability.

Lesson Plan

Download the lesson plan to help structure your learning through this lesson which focuses on farming.


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