Group Task

Red Meat Industry Job Profile

The Background

Around 50,000 jobs in Scotland are supported by the red meat industry and the industry contributes over £2 billion to the annual GDP of Scotland. There are a wide range of jobs and career opportunities.

The Task

Having learned about the red meat food system and the work involved, pick one job that is carried out throughout the from farm to fork process and create a job profile.

Once you have decided on the job (i.e. farmer, soil scientist, butcher, New Product Development Technician, Health & Safety Officer, Chef) conduct research to find out the information below and pull it together into a job profile.

Your job profile should include:

  • Job title
  • Skills necessary
  • Experience required
  • Education & Qualifications required
  • Pay range

The job profile can be created on Word, PowerPoint, Excel or written out on paper.

The Red Meat Journey Careers Path poster may help.

Take it Further

Select three of the jobs that are of interest and think of the skills and qualifications that would be required for that job – the websites below may be useful.

Training & Qualification Information

Skills Development Scotland –

Scotland Food and Drink –

Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association –

Scottish Meat Training –

Lantra Scotland –

Food & Drink Federation Scotland –

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) –

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