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Often the hidden part of the supply chain, food production has a wide range of careers, and the red meat industry has several different careers paths and opportunities. There is also currently a shortage of workers within many of the roles so there are plenty of opportunities for keen workers and lots of reasons to consider a career in food production:

1. Earn whilst you learn

Learning in the classroom isn’t for everyone and on-the-job learning is becoming more popular with young people who are choosing apprenticeships as a career pathway. The food production industry has a wide range of apprenticeships available ranging from foundation (entry level) to technical (degree level) apprenticeships.

2. Discover the importance of science and innovation in the food industry

Consumer requirements, trends and tastes are always changing, and the red meat industry needs scientists and innovators to create the products of the future.

3. Health and Nutrition

With growing rates of obesity and Scotland failing to reach its dietary goals, manufacturers need to develop food products that are healthier for consumers. Reformulation is an important process within the food and drink industry and reformulation practices have enabled red meat products to become healthier over the past 20 years.

4. Career Development Opportunities

Many food processors have well established graduate programmes and academies which encourage employees to develop their skills and experiences, meaning that often people are able to move up the career ladder quickly – if they want to.

5. You are in demand

Due to the UK exit from the European Union there is a deficit of workers to fill many of the jobs within butchery and processing. In addition to this, the average age of Scottish butcher is around 60 years old so in 5-10 years’ time there is going to be even more of a shortage of workers – this is a great time to join an industry that needs you.

Possible Job Roles

Butcher Processor, Abattoir worker, meat packers, team leader, quality assurance technician, operations manager, engineer, cleaner, office workers, New Product Development (NPD) workers, procurement staff, marketing staff, social media staff, hygiene operative, HR staff, development chef, Development Technologist, Nutritionist, Supply Chain Manager, Warehouse Operative, Planner, Maintenance Technician, Packaging Designer, Packaging Developer

Find out more at: Butchery Careers or Food & Drink Federation Scotland

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