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Food production will always be required, but how we produce food is changing. Livestock farmers, environmentalists and researchers, together with a wide range of professionals, are working together to make food production more sustainable, whilst feeding a growing population against a background of climate change.

There are a wide variety of different jobs within the industry so there is something to meet your own skills and interests. Here’s the top five reasons to consider a career in agriculture…

1. No two days are the same

They say variety is the spice of life and when you are working with the land or animals in the conditions that Scotland’s weather presents, you’ll find that there always a different job needing done or problem needing solved.

There’s more to agriculture than farming. Farming is the cornerstone of food production but there are wide range of supporting job roles within agriculture – there’s something for everyone!

2. Be part of a Revolution

Agriculture is undergoing a scientific and technical revolution to find the solutions to challenges it faces. Advances in robotics, computing, genetics and data processing all mean a focus on STEM based subjects is key.

Do you have what it takes to come up with real life solutions using STEM to the many challenges facing agriculture in the 21st Century? Then why not look in to how you could use your skills in Agriculture?

3. Help Protect the Environment

Over 80% of Scotland’s land mass in under agriculture production so those working in agriculture play an important part in protecting the environment. As well as producing food, farmers can improve their soils, provide habitats for biodiversity, prevent flooding and plant trees.

Scientists and researchers within the livestock farming industry are also working to reduce the emissions emitted by livestock farming, particularly methane which is a short-term flow gas released by cow & sheep burps (the natural process that occurs from them converting grass into energy).

4. Work with Animals

The highlight for most livestock farmers is working with their animals to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Whether it’s cattle, sheep or pigs, farmers develop bonds with their animals and get a real sense of joy from caring for their stock.

You don’t need to be a farmer to work with farm animals; there are a number of jobs that involve visiting different farms to treat animals such as veterinarian, hoof trimmer and animal nutritionist.

5. Be Part of a Community

About 480 million people worldwide work directly in agriculture so the agriculture community extends out with the borders of the UK. Skills learned for a career in agriculture can be transferred across the globe and with the world population expected to hit 10 billion by 2050, there’s more demand than ever to feed a growing population.

Possible Job Roles:

Farmer, Farm Manager, scientist, Engineer, Animal nutritionist, farm business consultant, Environmental Policy Officer, Auctioneer, Agricultural Machinery Operator, Farm Secretary, Fieldsperson, Herdsperson, Pig Technician, Cattle Hoof Trimmer, Sheep Shearer, Tractor Driver, Farm Advisor, Sales Manager, Conservationist.

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