Lesson One - From Farm

Farming Cattle, Sheep and Pigs

This lesson is the introductory lesson to your exploration of the red meat journey. The focus is to explore the farming practices that are used to produce Scotch Lamb UK GI, Scotch Beef UK GI and Specially Selected Pork. Issues covered include farm types, animal welfare, breeds and farm assurance.

Play - Find The Facts

Before the lesson begins, play the ‘Find the Facts’ game to test existing knowledge of the red meat food system. Just click on the button below to launch and play the game.

Play Find The Facts
  • Investigate

    Use the ‘From Farm’ PowerPoint presentation to develop an understanding of the first stage of the ‘from farm to fork’ journey.

  • Research

    After the presentation, download or print the worksheet(s). By completing these, you will be able to ensure all content has been understood.

  • Consolidate

    Complete the interactive quiz – this can be done as a class, small groups or individually depending on device availability.

Lesson Plan

Download the lesson plan to help structure your learning through this lesson which focuses on farming.


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