Group Tasks

The group tasks can be carried out in pairs or in small groups.

The first task will get students thinking about current dietary goals and food trends and their impact on both the red meat industry and the wider food industry.

The second task is considered as an extension task and asks pupils to think about food fortification. There is a simple, yet useful experiment which can be carried out to investigate iron fortification.

Activity 1: Dietary Goals and Trends

In pairs or small groups:

  • List the current top health/disease public health concerns and priorities for Scotland and which nutrients have the biggest impact (use online research if necessary)
  • List recent dietary trends related to health and which nutrients are connected to the trend
  • List how many of these have or will have an impact on the food industry/red meat industry

Discuss answers and share with the class.

Useful links:
Scottish Government Dietary Goals
FSS Scottish Dietary Goals Explained
Public Health Priorities

Activity 2: Food Fortification

As you will have discovered from working through this lesson, red meat, specifically beef, is a great source of iron and many other nutrients. Ideally, we would all get the nutrients we need from the food we eat, but some people have nutritional deficiencies. Food fortification is one solution to nutritional deficiencies.

In pairs or small groups consider the following questions and carry out the mini-experiment:

  • Which foods are fortified that you know of, and with what?
  • Are they fortified by law or voluntarily?
  • Are there any vitamins or minerals that you think food should be fortified with and why?
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