Lesson Five To Fork

Preparing & Cooking Red Meat

Now that you have learned about the journey red meat has made and the health benefits that it can have, it is now time to think about cooking. But is there anything you should know about meat before cooking with it?

This lesson will explore the composition and characteristics of meat that have an impact on cooking, different cooking methods, the importance of supporting local suppliers, and how you can use your leftovers.

You can also learn about some of the chemical reactions happening during cooking such as the Maillard Reaction and perform your own experiment.

  • Investigate

    Discover the composition of meat and the characteristics that have an impact on cooking.

    The science of cooking – what is the Maillard Reaction?

  • Research

    Using the lesson tasks and worksheets, match the meat cuts to the cooking methods.

    Adapt recipes to conform to dietary targets and explore the Maillard Reaction.

  • Consolidate

    The best way to test knowledge of cooking with red meat is to get cooking – try some of the recommended recipes.

Lesson Plan

Download the lesson plan to help structure your learning through this lesson which focuses on farming.


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