Group task

Really Useful Red Meat By-Products
This task can also be carried out as an individual task.

The Background

To enable the red meat food system to be as sustainable as possible it is important that once an animal reaches the abattoir, as little of the animal as possible, goes to waste. Many people are aware of the different types of meat that we get from different animals but that’s not all – animal products are in a large range of goods.

The Task

Using the worksheet below, work in groups to list as many different products from each of these animals as you can – this can include the different types of meat.


  • Worksheet

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Take it further

One of the by-products that is currently struggling to find a market is wool. Due to the increase in synthetic fibres the demand for wool has decreased but sheep still need to get their wool clipped every year so the supply of wool has not decreased. Create a wool-based product that is current and appealing in today’s market.

Here’s some of the uses for wool to give you an idea – carpets, bedding, fabric, clothing, furniture, knitting, insulation and crafting. Once you have created the product, make a poster to promote it highlighting the many benefits of wool. The British Wool Website has more information.

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