Lesson Three - To Food Production

Food Production, Safety, Packaging & Careers

The main purpose of farming livestock is to produce food for the population. Food production makes up a large part of our economy but there are many considerations that food producers must take into account including food security, food safety, packaging and labelling.

Within Scotland’s food and drink industry red meat is worth around £2.3 billion and supports the employment of around 50,000 people. There are a multitude of careers available within the whole food and drink industry in Scotland and across the world.

Case Study - Burger Concept

Partnering with FDF Scotland and their “A Future in Food” initiative, QMS have worked with Bathgate Academy for several years in their Make it with Meat project for S2 students.

Using Scotch Beef UK GI, Scotch Lamb UK GI or Specially Selected Pork pupils must come up with a new burger concept, then conduct market research, product development, packaging design and develop a marketing campaign. The winning products are then made, packaged and sold for charity.

  • Investigate

    Use the ‘To Food Production’ PowerPoint presentation to develop understanding of the production of red meat.

  • Research

    ‘Make it Informed’ is an interactive resource designed to help understanding of meat labels enabling informed food decisions to be made.

  • Consolidate

    Complete the interactive quiz – this can be done as a class, small groups or individually depending on device availability.

Lesson Plan

Download the lesson plan to help structure your learning through this lesson which focuses on food production.


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